February 16, 2021

Ocean Mist Farms Kicks Off Coachella Artichoke Season

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Ocean Mist Farms has announced its 3rd annual Peace, Love & Artichokes winter promotion, which will be going on through March 15 and includes enticing new aspects to help drive sales and in-store demand for retailers.

“We want consumers to know that our artichokes are grown to deliver consistent flavor as well as premium health benefits,” said Diana McClean, Senior Director of Marketing. “Artichokes contain prebiotic fiber and other immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties that will help you eat well, rest well, and play well in the new year.”

With the health benefits top-of-mind for consumers, Ocean Mist wants to educate customers on the immunity boosting properties of its premium artichokes and capitalize on the continual shift toward healthy eating. According to a press release, the company is leveraging an upward trend in artichoke sales in the late winter to continue driving the category forward.

Ocean Mist has made its artichokes more accessible than ever by honing a desert-grown proprietary seed variety that is specifically created for the Coachella Valley climate. Traditionally grown best in a Mediterranean-like area, artichokes require mild temperatures and ample moisture, but this variety allows for growing closer to home and maintain high-quality product standards year-round.

“I have never seen our artichoke fields look so robust and producing such big plants at this time of year,” said Jeff Percy, vice president of production in Coachella. “Big plants like these are good for both the buyer and consumer. The desert heat has made them a bit later than last year, but one of the most unique situations we have ever had.”

As part of the Peace, Love & Artichokes program, Ocean Mist will be issuing field reports as part of its Trade Email campaign to show off the Coachella artichoke production throughout February.

Ocean Mist Farms has made its artichokes more accessible than ever by honing a desert-grown proprietary seed variety that is specifically created for the desert climate.

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