January 18, 2021

Jerry and Kathleen Grundhofer Donate $7.5 Million to Eisenhower Health for Outpatient Surgery Center

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Jerry and Kathleen Grundhofer have donated $7.5 million through their Foundation to Eisenhower Health for the renovation of its outpatient surgery center located inside the Dolores Hope Outpatient Care Center.

The Foundation’s generous gift will significantly advance surgical services for patients across the Coachella Valley.

While the outpatient surgery center in Dolores Hope was state of the art in 1986, 30 years later technology and innovations in surgery are paving the way for a dramatic shift in cases from inpatient to outpatient procedures. In order to thrive in the new outpatient landscape, Eisenhower must redesign and remodel the Dolores Hope Outpatient Care Center’s same day surgery suites.

“I think a big part of any surgery is the push to be minimally invasive, but that requires an appropriate operating environment,” says Scott A. Gering, MD, FACS, Vice President, Surgical Services, Eisenhower Health. “With the Grundhofer’s incredibly generous donation, we can now move these surgeries to the outpatient setting — making it an even greater center with all the right equipment. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

“Jerry and Kathleen Grundhofer’s unwavering support of Eisenhower is awe-inspiring,” says G. Aubrey Serfling, President and Chief Executive Officer. “The Foundation’s remarkable gift will enable Eisenhower to pursue its goals of providing our community with unparalleled outpatient surgical services with technologies that continue to draw the best and brightest surgeons to Eisenhower. Their generosity will directly impact patient care for decades to come, and I, for one, cannot emphasize enough how much that means to all of us at Eisenhower.”

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