September 27, 2021

Indio Receives $4-Plus Million Grant for Downtown Improvement Project

Staff & Wire Reports

The California Natural Resources Agency has notified the City of Indio of a grant awarded in the amount of $4,114,572, for the City’s Civic Center Storm Drain Project. This funding was provided under the Urban Flood Protection (UFP) Grant Program for 26 projects across the state that offered a mix of traditional and green infrastructure solutions to prevent flooding and flood damage.

The City of Indio’s project area currently has no existing storm drain. The project proposes building a storm drain mainline on Requa Avenue from Oasis Street to Jackson Street, which will interconnect storm drain laterals from Downtown streets. This will connect to an underground retention system within the green belt area between Jackson Street and Marshall Street (Marshall Parkway).

The project will also convert Marshall Parkway to a “Green Streets design” with a drainage swale, and will include plants and nearly 90 new trees. An additional 100 trees will be planted throughout the project site with rain gardens along Oasis Street, Smurr Street, and Requa Avenue. This landscaping will help capture stormwater and allow for natural filtration processes to improve stormwater quality before entering the City’s drainage and groundwater recharge system.

“In addition to the significant improvement in flood prevention, this project will support the city’s efforts to make Downtown a more vibrant and pedestrian friendly place for people to gather,” said Mayor Elaine Holmes. “I am grateful to City staff for their hard work in obtaining this generous funding from the state.”

Nineteen of the projects chosen by UFP, and funded by Proposition 68, were in areas identified as disadvantaged communities. Indio’s project is one of only two funded in Riverside County, and one of very few chosen for full funding.

The City of Indio will have approximately three years to complete the project, with design taking place in 2022 and construction following. Additional information about UFP is available from the California Natural Resources Agency.

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