April 29, 2021

City of Indio Small Business Assistance Grants Distributed

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Diana Hernandez learns of her SBEAP grant in Indio 

The City of Indio has awarded 71 eligible businesses grants totaling $645,000 as part of its Small Business Emergency Assistance Program (SBEAP). There were 58 storefront businesses that received $10,000 grants, and 13 daycare providers received $5,000 grants. More than 140 storefront businesses and daycare providers applied during the 10-day window.

“This was the very first type of financial assistance that I received, and I’m very happy,” said Diana Hernandez, owner of Diana’s Notary, Process Serve & Interpreting. Hernandez has owned a business in Indio for 12 years and was emotional when she picked up her check from City Hall.

“We were closed for the month of April last year, and it has been challenging trying to keep social distancing. (This grant) makes me feel like the City of Indio appreciates my business,” added Hernandez. She said she plans to use the funds to catch up on rent and purchase a new computer for her company.

Applications were considered on a first-come first-served basis and had to meet eligibility criteria such as being located in Indio, having a current business license, and proof of financial impact due to COVID-19. Grant money was allocated from the City’s general fund.

“We were glad to be able to do what we could to help those who were hurt because of the closures caused by the pandemic,” said Mayor Elaine Holmes. “We are hopeful to do more in the future, as we know so many people are still suffering the economic effects of COVID-19.”

If additional funding is made available from the City of Indio, details will be provided at that time.

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