March 5, 2021

Award-Winning Residential Solar: Rancho Mirage

By Emily Langenbahn

Too big for solar? There’s no such thing.

A 32.2 kW solar system installed by Renova Energy in 2020 covers the rooftop of a modern-style 3,500 square foot home in Rancho Mirage. This particular installation has earned Renova Energy, a Coachella Valley-based solar and battery storage installer, the National SunPower “Intelegant Award” for the system’s intelligent and elegant design.

A SunPower Elite Dealer since 2010, Renova Energy has continued to install the solar industry’s best-in-class panels on both residential and large-scale commercial projects. “We are proud to have dealers that install SunPower systems with superior craftsmanship and deliver industry-leading customer service while doing it,” said Norm Taffe, SunPower’s Executive Vice President, North America. “We congratulate dealers like Renova Energy who have always gone above and beyond to take elegance and intelligence in design to the next level and look forward to their continued success and beautiful projects in 2021.”

This project in particular was one of the larger residential installations performed by Renova Energy in 2020. While less power might be required for a home of the same size in other parts of the United States, homes in the Coachella Valley require the industry’s top equipment to offset the significantly higher summer costs and capture the most sunlight possible. In total, there are 96 SunPower panels on the roof of this stunning home. For reference, across the United States, an average-sized home requires about 31 panels to offset their energy costs. Because of the size of this Rancho Mirage home, however, along with the nation’s highest electricity costs, homes like these cannot settle for less than the best.

Renova Energy is an award-winning, employee-owned company with expertise installing solar and battery microgrids under the Mycrogrid® brand that will withstand harsh desert conditions and produce maximum savings. In 15 years of operation, they have installed nearly 8,000 solar systems and enjoy stellar ratings on Yelp and Solar Reviews. The Solar + Industry is evolving so quickly that Renova Energy is excited to constantly challenge material designs and installation processes to ensure the industry grows towards the ultimate goal of replacing utility generated electricity.


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